New Planting of Dragon Fruit

1. Biological Characteristics

Dragon fruit is tropical fruit, drought, high temperature, hi-light, strict requirements of the soil, plains, hills, sand and gravel to be planted, the optimum soil pH of 6 to 7.5, the best choicerich organic matter and drainage good land to grow.

2. Planting Style

The dragon fruit planting a variety of style, can climb the wall planting, scaffolding planting, but the column cultivation the most common interests of producing low-cost, land operation rate. The so-called pillar cultivation, stand a concrete pillars or poles, 3-4 strains of dragon fruit seedlings planted around the column, dragon fruit plant cultivation to move upwards along the column style.

3. Planting Specifications

Column spacing is 1.5m × 2m, each column can be planted four seedlings, total 667m² can up to 750 ea.

4. Caring

12-14 months beginning flowering effectiveness of dragon fruit after transplanting, flowering 12-15 times a year, the fruit production period from April to November, 30-40 days after flower fruit ripening, fruit weight 500-1000g, after planting,20 per column producing fruit for more than three years into the flourishing time, the RBI with higher levels of yield up to 2500kg/667m ².

Its high-yield cultivation points as follows:

Thin manure handling facilities:
A long period of fruit harvest every year re-organic fertilizer, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer to balance the lasting application.The flowering of the effectiveness of the times to fill potassium and magnesium fertilizer to promote fruit sugar stacking, and improve quality. Efficacy of link soil moisture. 3 - 4 days when the sky arid irrigation water once.

Topping the branches grow to 1.3-1.4m long, to promote branching and branches drooping naturally.

Between species with 10% of the artificial pollination:
Planting dragon fruit to species at the mercy of white meat type of dragon fruit. Varieties between pollination, can be more improved robust rate.In case of rainy weather, artificial pollination. Pollination before dusk flowers or morning flowers have not yet closed, with a brush directly to the pollen coating to Stigma.

To cut off the junction of the branches of fruit picking fruit every year issued a new branch to scratch, to ensure that production in the coming year.

Pest Control:
Dragon fruit less pest, seedlings of susceptible snails and ants risks, available Insecticides; epidemic-prone disease victims in the hot and humid season, showing necrosis of branches, departments and mildew, can be used triadimefon, a strong copper oxideprevention and treatment.