Nutritional Value of Dragon Fruit

The material contained in the dragon fruit is carbohydrate-based real nutritional qualities are hidden in the seeds, seed kernels contain RNA, DNA and various enzymes, rich in unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants and rich in fruitvitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B12, C and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals.

The the hectogram dragon fruit pulp, water containing 83.75 g, 0.34 g ash, crude fat 0.17 g, 0.62 g of crude protein, crude fiber 1.21 g, 13.91 g carbohydrates, calories 59.65 kcal, 1.62 g dietary fiber, vitamin C5. 22 g, 2.83 g fructose, 7.83 g of glucose, calcium 6.3-8.8 mg phosphorus 30.2-36.1 mg iron 0.55-0.65 mg, and a large number of anthocyanins (the most abundant species of red meat, fruit), water-soluble dietary protein, plant albumin and so on.

The dragon fruit body is a treasure, from the peel into the fruit can be eaten. The branches of the meat on vegetables. The dragon fruit flower tea, and cooking; the fruit can be eaten raw, can also produce such as fresh juices, cocktails, ice cream and jam, a wide range of uses.

Branches and flowers of the dragon fruit with the osmotic pressure is very low and the mucus, containing a large number efficacy remarkable nutritional substances and therapeutic substances.

The dragon fruit to prevent constipation, promote eye health, increase bone density, help the cell membrane formation, prevention of anemia and anti-neuritis, angular cheilitis, reduce the effectiveness of cholesterol, skin whitening, anti-dark spots, but also with lifting of heavy metal poisoning, anti-free radical , anti-senile lesions, slimming effect. Newer findings show that, dragon fruit and branches of the juice showed a positive role in tumor growth, viral and immune reflects the curb and other illnesses more.

In addition dragon fruit also provide, protein, dietary fiber, vitamin B2, and B3, C and iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and other key nutrients for humans need.


Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit

  • The dragon fruit is very high in antioxidants. As a result, frequent consumption of the fruit would block free radicals, which often lead to numerous health damaging diseases such as cancers.
  • The pitaya fruit is extremely high in vitamin C, and so you can frequently eat it to heal wounds and bruises fast. Furthermore, being vibrant source of vitamin C, the fruit improves your immune system the wonderful way.
  • The vitamin B12 content helps enhance the appetite of a person.
  • The dragon fruit amazingly moisturizes and delivers smoothing effect for yourskin and therefore improves its appearance.
  • It helps reduce the effects of toxic contents such as heavy metal. Besides that, intake of pitaya fruit helps lower cholesterol levels and normalizes hypertension.
  • Frequent intake of pitahaya fruit help combat asthma and also cough.
  • The vitamin B1 content helps in generating of energy as well asmetabolizing carbohydrates.
  • A great source of phosphorus and calcium, dragon fruit reinforces our bones, makes healthier teeth and is great for body cells development.
  • Consuming dragon fruit on a regular basis cuts down on weight significantly, and thus building a well-balanced body with no compromising on one's health.
  • The fruit is helpful in bringing down blood sugar levels in type II diabetes.