About Us

Our Vision

The dragon fruit itself has therapeutic value of regular consumption of the human body, a very high health effects. People-oriented, loyal and trustworthy is our purpose of agricultural science and technology. We are willing to cooperate sincerely with all walks of life, a better tomorrow for green food, environmental protection, development and people's physical and mental health of civilization.

Willing to give you a "Green" and healthier world.


Our Mission

We plan to extend the existing agricultural technology, increased production capacity, develop the market potential of dragon fruit planting project. Enhancement of existing agricultural technologies, and continue to build our system the quality of management, long-term goal to become a leader in this field.

We insisted that the safety can be made rich profits and socially responsible manner, the cultivation, development and production of high quality agricultural products, then become a leading international agricultural science and technology companies. Allow investors to participate in the planting of dragon fruit project, to obtain a reasonable growing return on investment. Growing industry in Malaysia, creating more employment opportunities.


Our Aim

We use safe, responsible for the management model, development and promotion of our products, create value for our shareholders, business partners and employees.

We have focused on dragon fruit, but we will use our existing resources, technology and experience to seek opportunities in other agricultural products, to enhance our value delivery.